Revolution Global Technology Limited

About our company

Revolution Global Technology Limited is a company with many years of experiences in the field of technology and investment. We deeply focus on developing technological strengths, spearheading the blockchain and financial solution.

Company’s nature of business (SIC)

62030 – Computer facilities management activities

66110 – Administration of financial markets

66300 – Fund management activities

We bring practical solutions from blockchain technology

to apply to live through the specific products in our ecosystem.

The Revolution Of Digital Banking

RVG Digital Banking

RVG Digital Banking is a revolution among crypto currency digital banking. This allows you to earn profits just by storing coins inside. The main idea behind RVG Digital Banking is to reinvent the saving money system by utilizing modern technological advances and generate a passive income stream.

RVG Digital Banking is your new digital banking for crypto currencies with zero transaction fees. It is base on a multi-cluster blockchain system architecture to ensure complete security and transparency of transactions



Digital Banking

RVG Digital banking is the future of the monetary system. We are a pioneer in developing crypto banks. With the advantages of the crypto currency market, the potential of blockchain technology and the inevitable trend of the financial market, RVG Digital Banking will take a strong development in the future.

Digital Payment

Not only focusing on helping our customers to store and develop their assets through RVG Digital Banking, but we also bring our assets to digital payment systems. RVG or other crypto currencies will be accepted for payment at the local business (restaurant, hotel, booking, .. and other services).

Digital Exchange

Trading on the stock market and crypto currency is an inevitable wave in the future when the trend of not using cash is being promoted. By this chance, we have built our own digital exchange platform to meet the needs of our customers as well as all those wishing to trade on the global market.

Digital Software

Along with developing a digital payment system, connecting business partners, we also focus on developing digital enterprise software. On the one hand, we provide digital software for our business partners, on the other hand, we will also commercialize our software products to help small


Why Choose RVG Digital Banking

Investments and employment of the Blockchain Technologies. Optimize your business case with blockchain technology and Smart Contracts


Fast Transaction

In just a few seconds, even just a moment


Secure and Stable

Under our big server & security system


Coin Exchange

Easily to exchange between RVG coin and assets


Mobile Apps

In just a few seconds, even just a moment


24/7 Trading

with the trading machine to make daily profit


Digital Banking

Outstanding service, making a break though profit in long term

  • Licensed in United Kingdom

    Company number: 12050096

  • No hidden fees

    Taking the time to manage your money really pay off

  • Stable earning

    Enjoy your profit with the auto trading machine system

  • Secure and transparent

    Based on a multi-cluster blockchain system architecture


Our Team

Our board of director has many years of experience in the R&D, blockchain technology, and crypto market

Dylan Welch


Caroline Thornton


Connor Bates


Avi Muchnick

Chief Marketing

Chen Carrie

Director in the Asia

Arty Sidorenko

Director Secretary

Grace Taylor

Director in Europe

Peter Berkenbosch

Scrum & Agile leader

RVG Digital Banking

RVG Digital Banking is the official coin of us, which is used for all transactions and exchange activities. RVG is an ERC20 standard crypto currency coin. The total amount of coin issued is 500,000,000, with a price tag starting at $0.2. RVG price can be regulated by supply and demand of market principles fairly. Every 5 months, 10% of RVG coin will be burn out and it is not a subject for restoration. Therefore, the RVG Digital Banking price will grow up quickly as we launch ecosystem products.


Market Capital

Our roadmap

01 Dec

Research and development

Focus on researching and developing blockchain technology along with AI trading machine

19 Jun

Mobile App Launch

Development of user-friendly Android/iOS applications allows you to send and receive funds, manage your account balance from your smartphone.

15 Sep

Internal Crypto Exchange

Between RVG and almost assets - providing lower transaction fees with enhanced security and automated exchanges

01 Dec

AI Fiat Trading Machine

Our AI Trading Machine will work on Fiat market to optimize transaction profits

20 May

Global Expanding

Expanding our business to all regions worldwide, leading payment solutions and e-wallets

01 Sep

RVG Master Card

Issuing RVG MasterCard, directly connected with RVG Digital Banking for global payment

15 Mar

Global payment system

RVG Digital Banking will be used in retail stores, online shopping & services as a global payment method

25 Jun

30 Millions Users

RVG Digital Banking will reach 30 Million Users, become the best crypto & fiat payment system.